Draft Clear Instructions for Your Estate's Future

Turn to attorney Gant for wills and trusts

If you die without a will, a judge could end up distributing your estate. To make sure your estate is handled the way you want, contact the Law Offices of Fred Gant. Attorney Fred Gant can draft wills, trusts and power of attorney documents.

Attorney Fred Gant will guide you through the will drafting process. He'll identify your assets and debts and help you plan accordingly. Your wishes will be clear and detailed.

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3 reasons to have a will

3 reasons to have a will

Why should you call attorney Fred Gant to draft your will? Here are a few benefits you'll enjoy:

  1. You'll have the final say on the fate of your estate.
  2. You can designate family members or guardians for your children.
  3. You can disinherit anyone who would otherwise inherit your estate.

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